Why MBC?

 Gospel Centered Living
Gospel Centered Living encourages one another to arrange and align our lives around Jesus and His good news (The Gospel). This kind of life is best experienced in relationships with other people who are seeking to do the same. At MBC we encourage this kind of life through three distinct centering opportunities: Gatherings, Direction and Missional Communities.
 Community Focused Serving
Community Focused Serving at MBC is about inspiring and supporting our community by meeting needs, doing good and sharing Jesus. MBC focuses on three connections in our community where we can do the most good and meet the greatest needs: Neighborhoods, Schools and City. Additionally, MBC participates in unique partnerships in our community with other non-profit agencies seeking to do the best and most good in our city. 
Dr. Mike McNeff
Senior  Pastor
Chuck Nordell
Associate Pastor
Nathan Zug
Community Presence Pastor
Heather Weden
Family Ministries Director
Cathy Miller
AMD Director
Sue Dorsi
Office Administrator
Mike Nordell
Maintenance Guy
Azad Bawari
Immigrant Ministries Assistant